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Life On Point Consultants Offers Strategic Solutions

Life On Point Consultants uses its experience and intellectual capital to solve problems of vital importance to our Nation. We apply our national-level expertise in Intelligence, Strategic Planning and Operations to provide solutions for our Nation’s most critical needs. We specialize in meeting the diverse requirements of our clients, and we do so with a constant and deliberate commitment to ethical performance and integrity that has marked Life On Point Consultants since its inception.

At Life On Point Consultants, we combine decades of national security experience with fresh ideas garnered from academia, open sources, and our extensive network of contacts and agreements to address the most difficult challenges facing the intelligence and operations communities.

Our solutions and capabilities include the following:

Integrated Security Services
Mission Support Services
Risk Management Services
Consulting Services

“Always scanning the landscape and collecting information regarding the environment and the events unfolding from within… that is what Life On Point Consultants is all about.”
~~ Brian Hayes, President & CEO, Life On Point Consultants

Integrated Security Services

Safeguarding people, facilities, and high value assets is a constant and ever changing challenge for organizations operating in high-threat environments around the world. Comprehensive and intelligent security is the key to survival in the 21st Century, and it demands the expertise and experience of a trusted security provider. Life on Point Consulting has been providing integrated security services since its inception.

Life On Point offers a comprehensive security portfolio based on operational experience and technical expertise. It includes personal security details, maritime security operations, static site security, and cutting edge technical security solutions. Our customers recognize our technical excellence and our sophistication, as well as our commitment to moral and ethical standards. Our integrated security services are supplemented with a comprehensive on-site analysis of your facilities’ current physical security conditions. It includes an evaluation of security staff, badging, procedures, communications capabilities, emergency action plans, command centers, and training programs. We provide the necessary documentation detailing the efficiency of security measures, and we implement cost-effective solutions for mitigating and eliminating risks.

Global Services
Life On Point is a respected and versatile integrated security provider. We operate in support of both foreign and domestic security missions. Regardless of the location, LOPC‘s global presence delivers quality service.Life On Point works alongside foreign governments and international organizations in the maintenance of peace and security. We operate in both permissive and non-permissive environments.

Ethical Services
LOPC maintains the finest professional talent from across the globe, and we implement methods and processes drawn from years of demonstrated success in air, land, and sea-based environments. We provide the support that our clients require in a legal, ethical, and moral manner.

Our history of high technical and ethical standards is reflected in the work we perform in the interest of our country. Our legacy includes an ethical framework founded in honesty and fairness and supported by the professional integrity of each employee. Exercising the highest possible standards is fundamental to LOPC, and it serves as a cornerstone for our public interest work.

Mission Support Services

Life On Point provides mission support services to match today’s complex environment. Planning and sustaining global operations in high-risk environments requires a full range of expertise and experience. From program management to quality assurance, from supply chain solutions to systems integration, organizations around the world need highly specialized support services that enable success.

LOPC provides those services now!We support government agencies, multinational corporations and NGOs. If your organization or business needs expert mission support services, then you should contact Life On Point Consultants.

Life On Point has built a reputation as a trusted provider of mission support services across the world. We offer a rapid response capability and a geographic footprint that support our customers’ critical mission objectives. Our mission support services include training programs;transportation services; supply chain management; intelligence and analysis; special operations mission support; and fully integrated life support. We understand what it takes to operate safely and efficiently in remote, high-threat regions. We possess the proven expertise and operational experience to manage a wide array of complex programs globally. Our functional capabilities include:

- Complex Program Management
- Intelligence & Analytical Support Functions
- Integrated Operations
- Advanced Technical Services
- Logistical Management and Oversight
- SecurityTraining Programs
- Maritime Operations Management

Risk Management Services

Life On Point is a global provider of risk management services. We recognize the critical importance of managing global risk, and we understand the consequences of leaving risks unchecked. Despite the success of many global organizations today there is an overall lack of understanding, definition, and process of addressing risk factors. Meeting the unprecedented challenges of global risk in today’s operational environment is as much of an opportunity as it is a challenge.

Our role is to help our clients manage risk. We know that risk management services are paramount to the success of all operations.

Global Perspective
The Life on Point team brings decades of experience and provides a unique global perspective. We not only offer needed risk management services, but we also provide effective solutions. Those solutions are backed by the full resources of some of the world’s most respected and trusted business and financial partners. We provide “peace of mind” operations for globally-focused managers, executives and their teams.

Local Approach
The LOPC approach emphasizes understanding the unique risks associated with each mission, as well as the unique challenges of each operational environment. Our specialists are on the ground in the some of the most remote and challenging environments in the world. So we understand the issues that factor both the success and potential failure in moving forward. This synergistic approach allows us to provide timely information for our clients in adapting future business campaigns or modifying existing plans.

Key elements of influence include:

- Maritime Risk
- Cyber Technologies
- Insider Threat
- Enterprise Management Threat
- Country/Area Studies
- Feasibility Studies

At Life On Point we offer our clients not only the solutions that they need to protect themselves from potential risk, but we also provide the strategic experience necessary to understand the operational environment and compete globally.

Consulting Services

Life On Point offers a number of consulting services:

● Adaptive Analysis and Planning
● National Security Strategy Review
● Strategy and Program Formulation
● Critical Assessments and Analysis

Adaptive Analysis and Planning
Meeting the challenges of the 21st century security environment means that organizations must be equipped to tackle an adaptive global network of radical jihadists, ongoing proliferation of advanced technologies, the fracturing of critical states in regions of instability, and the evolution of effective non-technical, disruptive methods of insurgency and asymmetric warfare in order to remain viable.

National Security Strategy Review
We analyze and design long-term security goals through the use of existing resources and capabilities to address National Security issues. Our resident expertise lies in areas such as weapons of mass destruction, irregular warfare, disruptive challenges, and overall strategic thinking. Our core staff has impressive perspectives and insight into operational planning, human cognition, network-centric theory, organizational behavior and military application against asymmetric threats.

Strategy and Program Formulation
Life On Point provides the broad capabilities needed to bring clients and partners into the new, integrated defense and security environment. Our strategic planning expertise has supported various governmental agencies in the full spectrum of concept of operations development (CONOPS) including program definition and management as well as exercise and evaluation initiatives. Our core team has worked on some of the most significant operational and strategic challenges our Nation has faced in the past 20 years — and achieved critical success in each.

Critical Assessments and Analysis
Life On Point designs assessments which assist government clients in acquiring the necessary background intelligence and contextual knowledge needed to develop and execute successful programs, operations and engagement strategies in diverse areas around the world.