A letter from the Chief Executive Officer.

As we enter the 21st Century, the United States and its Allies face a world that has been cast into chaos. International Security was a term used largely to refer to diplomatic and military activities in the global arena: to unilateral and multilateral efforts to prevent inter-state and regional conflicts. Today the concept has been broadened to embrace a host of transnational and often interconnected issues. The more globalization takes hold on the world, the more these issues come to the fore and the more leading organizations within the International Community require the expertise of commercial entities such as The Life On Point Consultants to help address these challenges.

This is because in order to remain streamlined, governments protecting their national security interests overseas, International Government entities spearheading peacekeeping initiatives and Non-Governmental-Organizations involved in aid initiatives increasingly call on Life On Point Consultants to help protect their assets and enable their business in difficult operating environments. With our talent, commitment and  resourcefulness, we allow our clients the freedom to concentrate on the core task at hand.

That is the Life On Point Consultants...Every Mission...Every Time.

About Life On Point Consultants – Global Security Consulting

Life On Point Consultants (LOPC) is a global security and consulting company. We provide integrated security, mission support, risk management, and consultancy services. We support US interests, private contracts, and not-for-profit operations. LOPC was founded in Virginia in 2007 by a retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company (SDVOSB).

We will continue to focus on issues affecting national security:

- Terrorism
- Asymmetric Warfare
- Critical Infrastructure Protection
- Weapons of Mass Destruction
- Violent Extremism
- Illegal Immigration
- People and Weapons Trafficking

Life On Point Consultants is a leading provider of mission support, security, training and advisory services to government agencies, multinational corporations and various non-governmental organizations across a range of market sectors and geographies. Our organizations excels at delivering complete program management solutions to help clients achieve critical mission objectives in challenging locations across the globe. From advisors and operational consultants to logistics and life support services as well as personal protection and training, clients rely on Life On Point Consultants to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity. Life On Point Consultants is a signatory of the International Code of Conduct and adheres to the UN Voluntary Principals on Security and Human Rights.

Life On Point Consultants President and CEO is also a member of INSSA: 


Our vision is to be the 21st century global market leader providing our clients with first-class security and mission support solutions while setting the standard for personal and professional conduct within our industry.

Message from the President

The 21st Century is a complex operational environment. It demands greater fidelity between organizations, processes, and strategic visionaries. How these organizations anticipate and respond to this ever-changing landscape ultimately determines their success, survivability, and relevancy in the marketplace.

To ensure a competitive advantage on the global stage requires a continuous process of change that provides strong, sound, and effective strategies to meet uncertain futures head on. Driving this change is strategic leadership. It requires wise, informed, and deliberate choices about how and when organizations should change.

Life On Point Consultants possess the proven vision, leadership, experience, and intellectual capital that reorients government agencies and private-sector organizations. We help you adapt and successfully negotiate change through a detailed understanding of the operational environment. At Life On Point Consultants, we develop executable methods measured against future requirements and global pressures. This allows our clients to reorient capabilities and architectures to be adaptive and succeed.

We help our clients manage continuous, enterprise-wide change. We help government agencies, institutions, and corporations meet the strategic requirements of dynamic future. At Life On Point Consultants, we don’t predict the future, but we help our clients design and manage organizational change. We can smooth the transition by providing timely political insight, competitive intelligence, and in-depth analysis.

This is Life On Point Consultants. Providing measured success… one mission at a time!

Brian Hayes, President/CEO, Life On Point Consultants

History of Life on Point Consultants

Life On Point Consultants was founded in Virginia in 2007 by Mr. Brian Hayes, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran. The organization established operations in support of US interests, private contracts, and not-for-profit operations that same year following the first of several overseas missions, various grants, and awards. Throughout the following years, Life On Point Consultants operations remain constant and focus primarily on issues affecting national security such as human trafficking, maritime piracy, weapons of mass destruction and threats to US economic growth.

In June 2009, we established the Life on Point Group, a not-for-profit organization specifically designed to empower and enable oppressed people from around the world. Our primary focus is to train, equip and coordinate a number of initiatives that are designed to empower ethnic minorities and activists from across the globe. We provide them with the tools necessary to tell their story. Where oppressed, we provide them with the capability to continue to fight.

These initiatives are designed to develop grassroots leadership and self-reliance. Our goal is to protect basic human rights and ancient cultures against rising 21st century criminal elements.


We provide integrated security, mission support, risk management, and consulting services.

Life On Point is a global security and consulting company. We offer customized, comprehensive solutions to organizations in high risk and complex environments all around the world.

- Government agencies
- Multinational corporations
- Non-governmental organizations

Our personnel bring a dynamic combination of management, expertise, and execution to each challenge. We deliver long-term, cost-effective programs that are specifically tailored to meet customer needs.


Built on a foundation of legal, moral, and ethical values, our company is committed to the highest standards of accountability, compliance and quality. Since our inception, we have helped set the standard throughout the industry with our stringent training and exacting code of ethics. As a signatory to the International Code of Conduct, we are fully compliant with government regulations, industry protocols, and international law. We firmly believe that combining integrity and quality into all we do best serves our clients and the communities in which we serve.

Global Security and Consulting Company

Our corporate headquarters are based in the greater Washington, D.C. area. However, Life On Point Consultants, together with its subsidiary, The Life On Point Group, represent client interests across the globe:

●  Africa
●  Asia
●  Australia
●  Europe
●  Latin America
●  Middle East
●  United States

Our focus is in the following core areas:

- Maritime Protection
- National Security
- Counter-Terrorism
- Critical Infrastructure Protection

Global Security Consulting

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Company
Life On Point Consultants is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

ICoC Member
Life On Point Consultants is a member in good standing of the
International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC).

DUNS Number: 80-126-0014 – CAGE Code: 4YFC7

Advocating Industry-Wide Professionalism

Life On Point Consultants takes great pride in our affiliations with industry and professional organizations that advance our profession worldwide. We are an active member, signatory, and avid supporter of the following organizations. We take great pride in these affiliations and abide by their rules and regulations.

●  International Stability Operations Association (ISOA)
●  United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
●  International Code of Conduct (ICoC)
●  Worldwide Impact Now (WIN)
●  International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA)

International Stability Operations Association (ISOA)
The International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) is the international trade association of the stability operations industry. It promotes ethics and standards worldwide, and it advocates for effective use of private sector services. Members are leaders in the industry. They are supported by ISOA’s outreach, education, and government affairs initiatives.

All member companies subscribe to the ISOA Code of Conduct. It represents a constructive effort to better regulate private sector operations in conflict and post-conflict environments. ISOA believes that high standards will both benefit the industry and serve the greater causes of peace, development, and human security.

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) is the independent, nonpartisan conflict management center created by Congress to prevent and mitigate international conflict without resorting to violence. USIP works to save lives. It increases the Government’s ability to deal with conflicts before they escalate. It reduces government costs and enhances our national security.

USIP reduces the costs and risks for American military and civilians deployed to conflict areas abroad by training them to peacefully mitigate and manage conflicts. Their work helps to create safe and stable environments for people living and working in these regions.

USIP delivers effective programs at minimal cost. It has professional training programs and networks around the world. USIP is innovative and agile. It collaborates with military, diplomats, development specialists, NGOs and IOs.USIP’s programs are a less costly, effective way to limit and manage global conflicts.

USIP provides policy makers with non-partisan national security, defense, and foreign policy analysis and expertise.

International Code of Conduct (ICoC)
In January 2011, Life On Point Consultants became a signatory of the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) for Private Security Service Providers. The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC) is an initiative that aims to clarify international standards for the private security industry. It also tries to improve oversight and accountability of these companies.

The Code sets out human rights-based principles for the responsible provision of private security services. These include rules for the use of force, prohibitions on torture, human trafficking and other human-rights abuses. It includes specific commitments regarding the management and governance of companies. These include how they vet personnel and subcontractors, manage weapons, and handle grievances internally.

Worldwide Impact Now (WIN)
World Impact Now (WIN) is an international network of Western activists and ethnic minorities. This includes professionals in the fields of law, business, education, the performing and visual arts. It also includes grassroots ethnic minority leaders and youth activists in both America and Burma, as well as Western expatriates.

WIN’s founders are an American husband-and-wife team. The advisory board includes non-profit organization founders with backgrounds in university education and the performing arts. WIN’s founders’ have backgrounds in International Affairs, Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution, Education, Business, and Professional Athletics. WIN is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Southern California with forward offices in Southeast Asia.

International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA)
The International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA) is a non-profit global membership association. It is committed to improving the safety and security of humanitarian relief and development assistance workers.INSSA has four main avenues of programming:

- Advocacy
- Collaboration
- Education and Professional Development
- Standardization

Biography of LOPC Founder Brian Hayes

Brian Hayes is the founder of Life On Point Consultants. He is both an experienced business executive and a decorated veteran of the U.S. Army as well as a service-disabled veteran. He is an operations professional trained in management, technology, organization, and crisis management.

Brian's advanced education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Suffolk University, a Masters Degree in Defense Analysis from the Naval Post-Graduate School in Monterey, CA and a PhD in Human Psychology and Counseling from Capella University.

Brian has developed, taught, and managed a variety of Operations, Strategic Management, and Crisis Response efforts for military, intelligence, corporate and federal entities throughout the world. As the founder of Life On Point Consultants, Brian has assembled an elite core of management and operations professionals with extensive combat and leadership experience.

Life On Point Consultants
As President and CEO of Life On Point Consultants, Brian is responsible for charting the strategic direction of the organization. He maintains exacting industry standards as a provider of integrated security, mission support, and risk management services. Brian provides his clients with customized, comprehensive solutions. He supports government agencies, multinational corporations, and non-governmental organizations in high-risk and complex environments across the globe.

Under Brian’s direction, The Life On Point team brings together a dynamic combination of management, operational expertise, and precise execution to each challenge. Together, they deliver long-term, cost-effective programs that are specifically tailored to meet the exacting requirements of the 21st century.

“At LOPC, we are committed to the defense and security of our nation, its goals and the ideals of freedom and democracy. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that they achieve the necessary results needed to make things happen.”

Giving Back to the Community

Corporate Social Responsibility is a “call to duty” for Life on Point Consultants. The Life On Point Team is proud to support several charities and non-profit organizations across the country in touching the lives of those in need.

International NGO Safety & Security Association

The International NGO Safety & Security Association (INSSA) is a non-profit global membership association committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of safety and security for humanitarian relief and development assistance workers around the world. INSSA does this through four main avenues of programming: Advocacy, Collaboration, Education & Professional Development, and Standardization.

Midwest Military Outreach

Coming home from war to an area that has a limited number of military bases can be nothing short of culture shock.Midwest Military Outreach helps military members and their families return home to civilian life. They provide innovative and self-sustaining support in the critical life areas of family resources, financial management, educational resources, and employment resources. Their mission is to provide support, reintegrate, and retain the local talent of our military who have served our country.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.Is it a disaster relief organization? A veteran-focused enterprise? The truth is that it’s both. Team Rubicon pioneered a new paradigm in disaster response. It redefines the meaning of veteran reintegration into society. Hundreds of US military veterans, many returning home after fighting ten years of war, find a renewed sense of purpose for their skills and experiences through Team Rubicon.

Since its creation in January 2010, Team Rubicon has impacted thousands of lives. Around the globe in Haiti, Chile, Burma, Pakistan, and Sudan. Here at home in Vermont, Maryland, Missouri, and Alabama. Team Rubicon reaches victims outside the scope of traditional aid organizations.

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia’s goal is to make affordable home ownership in Northern Virginia a reality. They harnesses the power of volunteers, the generosity of individuals and corporate partners, and the dedication of a community to reach that goal.

Home ownership is key to sustaining communities and improving families’ long-term success. It helps people build equity and grow strong roots in a neighborhood. Affordable housing is not enough. Habitat for Humanity is leading the way with affordable home ownership. Habitat Homeowners commit to at least 300 hours of “sweat equity.” They help rally community volunteers to build homes that are decent, safe and affordable.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a top-rated nonprofit organization that supports the military’s Special Operations forces and their families. It provides three programs:

- College Scholarships for the surviving children of fallen Special Operations Forces
- Family Services, including educational counseling
- Wounded Special Operations Forces Support

Team Five Medical Foundation

Team 5 is an inspired medical foundation created by professionals who travel to the ends of the globe. They provide service to those without access to modern healthcare. Team 5 Medical Foundation and its unpaid volunteers are committed to spreading medical care and education to those who need it. Every dollar donated goes directly to funding their missions.


The National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (NWCAVE) is a volunteer operated non-profit organization located in the pacific northwest of the USA. They work to inform, educate and prevent violence and exploitation against women and children both nationally and internationally.

Whether human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual violence, stalking, bullying, hate crimes and all other forms of violence and exploitation against women and children, NWCAVE strives to keep the public informed and educated on how we can live in a more civilized society free of violence.